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Shy Town Girls – Book 2

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Ivy Westin, sassy with confidence to spare, lives life according to her own rules whether people like it or not—and not everyone does.

At twenty-four, Ivy has almost everything she wants: a killer career in PR, fabulous friends, and a line of guys around the block. Not to mention she lives in one of the greatest cities in the world—Chicago. But all that changes when Ivy’s best friend, Ella, invites her playboy brother, Shane, to town. But Shane isn’t the only guy causing havoc in her life. Ivy’s father, who has been out of the picture for over a decade, suddenly returns and starts meddling where he isn’t welcome.

Ivy turns to her friends Ella, Bobbie, and Meryl, who all live together in the Gold Coast, for support. The one thing getting her through it all: rooftop nights splitting bottles of wine and sharing stories about their dating disasters and careers they’ve killed to be in—that are now are killing them. Ivy—once on top of the world—now finds herself drowning in her own lies. She’ll have to decide whether to come clean and risk ruining a friendship or to keep her mouth shut and hope her secret will never be revealed.